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February 20,

What will they think of next?


The next episode might be delayed due to illness, unless of course you want to listen to me when I sound like I’ve just snorted the entire Pacific Ocean.

Got an opinion? Let me know by sending me an email to theforestatnight [at] gmail [dot] com.

February 17,



Sorry about that... all is back to normal now and I’ve just learned a hard lesson about not messing with what I don’t know.

February 17,

This show is now on Podcast Pickle!

In actual site news, I think I’m going to break down and install Drupal in order to get this place interactive. Learning PHP and MySQL from scratch is a noble goal that I’ll undertake in the future, but noble goals have to take a back seat to upcoming exams. Yikes.

February 13,


Hi! Allow me to introduce myself. I am a duck-billed platypus and I don’t know what I have to do with web design. All the same, the publisher has seen fit to put me on the cover of a book similar to the one that’s needed to make this an interactive website. ‘Tis a pity that the site’s creature... erm... creator is wrapped up in school right now. But he promises me that he is going to make time in the very near future.

February 12,


“When is Eric going to get off his lazy butt and get comments enabled on this site...?”

Replieth the Raven, “If we find that out, we’d find out everything.”

February 10,

Technical difficulties...

That damn cat!

But a show is still coming out today!

February 7,

After an extremely crazy week, I’m happy to announce that The Forest at Night is not going to be going monthly! Things will be slightly back on track this weekend and a new episode should be out by the time you’re all snug in your beds on Sunday night. That's Monday for those of you on the other side of the globe from me, and I know you’re out there! :)

Thanks for listening!

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Sunday, 10 February 2008

Episode 5 - The Doors of Perspective

(With all due respect to Aldous Huxley...)

What makes you tick? Is it clowns, cats, smiley-face boxer shorts? Or are your thoughts a measure of your perspective on the things which happen around you?

Join me for a discussion on perspective and why it’s important to see the world in shades of grey, talk to those whose opinions differ from yours, and keep an open mind to what you discover as you explore your surroundings. Processing information without pigeonholing your perceptions into black-and-white shoeboxes takes some practice, and I hope I can give you some tools to open the doors to improving your perspective.

The World of Night poem is courtesy of Silverlyn and Late at Night by Parnassus is played by kind permission of Mojo over at The Wigglian Way. Check out the Chalice and Blade/Parnassus website (and buy their CDs) at SUPPORT YOUR PAGAN ARTISTS!

Want to shout at me? Fire me an email to theforestatnight [at] gmail [dot] com, visit me at my PaganSpace page at, or my Covenspace page at The show’s official website (which would be silly to link to, seeing as you’re currently here) now has content, but not yet the ability to leave comments. Look for that to change in the future!

The music that is not Parnassus is Port Saeed by Midnight Peacocks and Aquarium by David Kempers, both from the Podsafe Music Network at

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Episode 4 - The Oppressed Masses

This episode, thanks to an email from Stacey Tallitsch (author of Bare Naked Truth: on the Religious Right), I discuss the 300-pound gorilla that even my closest friends and I don’t talk about—Columbine. What were my experiences there and how did those experiences shape me; also, what lessons can we glean about how to act when under pressure to conform either physically or spiritually? And what did happen to this little town (ha, ha) that I grew up in?

So whether you want to bash Tom Tancredo, hear me get politically charged for the first time, or find out what happens when ritual instructions are not clearly stated, this episode is for you.

The fantastic websites mentioned in tonight’s episode are:

Wraith Studios (Mario’s website):
Proud Pagan Podcasters:

Comments? Please visit me at my PaganSpace page, my Covenspace page, or shoot me an email at theforestatnight [at] gmail [dot] com.

Music this week is (in order) Sacred Ground by Jon Schmidt, Exit 286 by I/O\I, and L’Avventura by Ian and I, all from the Podsafe Music Network at

Monday, 14 January 2008

Episode 3 - Deo, non Fortuna

Thanks to an email from Courtney, I discuss a few books that I’ve found helpful and one that wasn’t exactly helpful or constructive (nor do I offer constructive suggestions for what to do with that book):

Some of the brilliant websites mentioned in tonight’s episode:

World ITC:
Pagan Radio Network:

And since I gave the world’s worst explanation of video instrumental transcommunication, here’s a site where you can find a diagram and better instructions for setting up your own ITC recording system. PLEASE read the warnings on protection first:

I mentioned in the episode that you should take everything with a grain of salt, and that includes every word I say! So do you want to throw salt at me? If so, email me at theforestatnight [at] gmail [dot] com or visit my Covenspace page. A real page for the show is still on its way!

Music this week is Attache-moi by The Cavaliers from the Podsafe Music Network at

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Episode 2 - From There to Here

Happy 2008!!

This topic was brought to you by an email -- the first I’ve received for the podcast (thanks to Kinoc)! I endeavor to explain how it is I came to Paganism, my spiritual background, and what the future might bring. Do we ground ourselves to this Earthly plane or do we focus on the cosmic? Can a balance be struck between the two? Can those who worship beyond elements of this world be called Pagan?

Any more ideas you wish me to spin ’round this crazy wheel? Email me at theforestatnight [at] gmail [dot] com or visit my Covenspace page (I assure you, that URL is correct even if I couldn’t remember it in the episode).

Special thanks this week to Emerald Deepwater of Pagan Living for the plug on her show! Remember to visit her at

Music this week is The Death of an Equestrian by Savium from the Podsafe Music Network at

Friday, 21 December 2007

Episode 1 - Dissonant Chords

In this, the third... erm... first episode of the show, I explain the psychological concept of cognitive dissonance and how to make it work for you at home and on the job.

Alright - so cognitive dissonance isn’t exactly a good thing, so I describe its relation to Paganism and the workplace, how to avoid it, and why it drove me into this podcasting biz. Please be merciful; this is my first-ever show so there’s nowhere to go from here but up. At least, that’s what I hope. ;)

If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to say hi (or not-so-nice things if you feel so inclined), shoot me an email at theforestatnight [at] gmail [dot] com or visit my Covenspace page. A real page for the show is forthcoming.

Music is Longboard Flamejob by The Delstars from the Podsafe Music Network at Why surf music? Why not!

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